Women in History

Women have always played an important role in history. There were good women, bad women, destroyers of society and shapers. There were women who were unwillingly caught up in the events of history and those who made them happen. Some women were just downright interesting. This blog will post about them all. Requests are welcome.
We post twice a week. All asks are answered publicly unless otherwise indicated. Tag this blog with #historicwomenblog.

Gabriela Silang 1731- 1763

Gabriela Silang was the first Filipina to lead a revolt against the Spanish colonization of the Philippines. She was part of the insurgent force led by her husband, Diego Silang. Gabriela was one of her husband’s closest advisors in the resistance. They collaborated with the British for the brief expulsion of the Spanish from the area. It was for four months after Diego’s assassination that Gabriela led a group against the Spanish, earning her the nickname “Generala.” 

On September 10th, 1763, Gabriela led an attack on Vigan but the Spanish were ready. She was forced to retreat. With seven other men, Gabriela hid but was captured and sentenced to death. She and her fellow rebels were hung in Vigan’s city plaza. She became a martyr for Filipino women and anti-colonialism. 

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