Women in History

Women have always played an important role in history. There were good women, bad women, destroyers of society and shapers. There were women who were unwillingly caught up in the events of history and those who made them happen. Some women were just downright interesting. This blog will post about them all. Requests are welcome.
We post twice a week. All asks are answered publicly unless otherwise indicated. Tag this blog with #historicwomenblog.

Princess Caraboo 1791- 1864

In the spring of 1817, an English citizen met a disoriented and apparently foreign young woman begging for food in an unknown language. She was taken to the local magistrate for care. Her language could not be deciphered by anyone in the area, including scholars who had traveled to the East. The only word they understood was “ananas” a word that means “pineapple” in many Indo-European languages. 

Gradually, Caraboo’s story was understood. She was the daughter of the ruler of Javasu, an island nation. Captured by pirates, Caraboo jumped ship and swam to England. She charmed locals with her exotic dress and peculiar habits. Imagine showing someone a bed and that person not knowing what to do with it! Caraboo was the charming lost princess of Malaysia, or was she?

When a local boarding house keeper encountered the princess, she recognized her as the cobbler’s daughter from the next town over. Princess Caraboo and the island of Javasu was all made up by Mary Willcox. Her hosts were shocked and arranged to send her to America, where she attempted the “Princess Caraboo” act again with little success.  

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